Carry On

Clothes have in many ways been a form of expression. Fabric can initiate empowerment. Shruthi Subramanian, reporting from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), writes on the prevalence of inequality.

I cannot find my keys.
The button from my sweater
Rolled off in search of
A place that is better:
A place where I’ll be free
And I can dress for the weather,
Sip some quality tea, and
Destroy this invisible tether.
My heart is on a sleeve –
A sleeve that I had to attach.
My tailor complained about the
Odd designs from “Mix ‘n’ Match”.
Liberty is what I
Wish to contrive
With scarves or caps.
Clothes – or the lack thereof –
Visible strands or straps.
A large blanket with
Couture in the weave
And colours that scream
Shall one day cover us all
And keep us warm.
Until then,
I long to keep it safe,
Turn the key, and lock it.
I cannot carry my heart around;
My jeans have fake pockets.

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