The Islamic State

As the United Nations General Assembly – Disarmament and International Security (UNGA – DISEC) debates on the repercussions on peace caused by the conflict in the Republic of Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic, Ratik Dubey, reporter for the UNGA – DISEC, jots down a piece of poetry on the crimes of the Islamic State.

If human law does not catch up with them, karma for their horrible crimes they will pay:
The leaders in crimes against humanity in the human world today

What they have set out to achieve they will never win,
The Islamic State - the twenty-first century's worst criminals - will fall from within.

Their own people will eventually turn against them, this is always the case.
To humanity, the feared and loathed Islamic State is a disgrace.

If human law does not catch up with them, karma will in time;
One way or another, they will pay for every horrible crime.

What they have done unto others will become their own due,
Since what goes around comes around - this is forever true.

The clock on the Islamic State it is ticking fast;
Eventually, they will pay for the crimes of their past.

The reign of terror of the Islamic State will come to an end:
History does tell us this and on this we can depend.

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