The Woes of the Middle-east

Bhanvi Musalgaonkar, reporter for the Economic and Social Security Council (ECOSOC), pens a poem describing the timeline of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Rising in the Middle-east is the holy city –
They call it Jerusalem –
Giving shelter to various communities.
Jews, Muslims, Christians: all living in peace.
Suddenly, the Arabs revolt,
With the Jews following the league.
Britain, the culprit behind the chaos,
Flees from the battlefield, handing over its burden
To the United Nations.
In spite of accords signed and peace sought,
War erupts,
Tearing the Middle-east apart.
Palestine is doomed, Israel grows in power;
All one can see is
Red blood-showers.
Put an end to this war now, let us breathe:
People from both states now
Crave for peace.

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