Priya Santra, reporter for the Lok Sabha, pens a poem on education.

The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, they define,
is there anything more divine?
If you get it right, pretty well you’ll dine,
says mother o’ mine.
There isn’t a single issue that can’t be solved,
if only this one thing continues to evolve.
You’ll carry it with you till you’re gray and old,
Ah, it is as precious as gold!
To seek education, is our right,
for it is what makes one’s future bright.
It is bound to lead us to the path of prosperity,
giving our future a sounding security.
It is the key to a bright future,
like glue it’ll join our dreams like a suture.
So why not we together take a pledge:
All we shallstrive for, is excellence and knowledge.

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