The No Offence Butt

After years of constancy, it becomes difficult to break the status quo; but sometimes it seems as though the majority cannot stand the thought of even raising a question against it. Shruthi Subramanian, reporting from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), writes about the resistance to positive change in the case of women empowerment.

“He tells it like it is”, does not improve the way that it really is. People try to look towards history for references and justify why it is the way that it really is. What the world needs is for people to understand that it does not have to be that way. At no point in time will there be a perfect world — natural selection will make sure of it. Variations and entropy go head-to-head to make this world what it is today: divided. The minority deals with situations that the majority finds irrelevant to themselves while being necessary for the others. Discrimination is real, and hushing it down only validates the former statement.

Being a woman, or even slightly effeminate adds a new dimension to the way the society treats an individual. Of course, many argue that a woman should be as secure as the Fort Knox; they say so while belittling “womanliness” as an unnatural trait. The reasons are pretty scientific, or they involve something about a vaguely (or overly) specific incident that occurred in a period that gave your eyeballs a near-clear view of your brain. They cite their sources and, thus, request you to not take offence. The offended ones shall be branded for eternity as one of those young people lacking the ability to see the hypothetical humour arising at the cost of their identity.

Activism is equated to whining, and political-correctness is “Thought Control”[1]. People complain about having to tip-toe around the PC crowd; but did it, maybe, occur to them that if they are aware of what offends whom, then there is an off-chance that their speech is, indeed, demeaning? What is now pejoratively termed as political-correctness was introduced as an attempt to make amends with the discriminated section of this wonderfully diverse world.


The No Offence Butt pops up in all kinds of social situations. The excessively concerned citizen will, most definitely, question any claims of bias, harassment, assault, or rape. (Exhibit A: No offence, though.) With an unquenchable thirst for the absolute truth, citizens would rather wander about blind-folded. Being a victim is not enough; one must look the part as well. The helpless are dismissed on the grounds of not having authenticated the occurrence of an incident by furnishing intricate details. The devil is not in the details that the demagogue would like to hear – alternative facts may or may not be permissible.

Feminism, especially, takes a huge hit. Men and women alike see the ideology as a propaganda to castrate, justify ugliness, and reserve seats on public transportation while tarnishing the cause of real equality. (That was incredibly challenging to put into words.) Nobody seems to acknowledge the incorporation of the gender spectrum. Sadly, their eyes create mini pop-ups resembling speech bubbles that scream the emboldened word, “Triggered”; popular culture continues to poke the bear for its own amusement. People sometimes participate in countdowns that lead up to rants. If that is how one copes with change, which happens to be inherently positive, so be it. Despite the incessant backlash, the movement that solely encourages and fuels empowerment lives on. To the world, they seem like a loosely-connected group of people who get “easily” offended and cry wolf. There is no shame in standing up. It probably is the right time to get offended; the wolves hunt in packs.


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