US(A) or Them?

Shubhagata Choudhury, reporting from the Council to Halt the AnnihilationOf States (CHAOS), is a witness to the unfolding events of world politics as it plunges towards darkness.


Reader’s Note: This is an accelerated time frame.

Time is of the essence. Time is that one true entity which cannot be measured, but only counted, and it is running out.

Tensions flared up and chaos reigned. The delegates concluded their first session, which lasted for over three months (100 days to be exact), and failed to come to a consensus about the impending doom the world is about to be engulfed in.

The delegate of Republic of Turkey in his speeches accused the government of the United States of America (USA) of injecting hate against the Islamic people. He criticised the negative administration of the government of the USA. He further deliberated on how the antics of President Donald J. Trump and his government hurt the sentiments of his people, which is largely Muslim-dominated. The accusations did not stop there. The delegate of the Italian Republic added that the Islamic State (IS) can involve more Muslim troops because of the “anti-Islamic politics played the West and especially the USA”.

The delegate of the Russian Federation stated that the IS was created due to seclusion by the West. He also stated that the Levante Offensive failed, which showed the immaturity of the USA and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). He remarked that his government would never support the NATO. The delegate of the Syrian Arabic Republic further added to the points made by the delegate of Russia by saying that the IS can use the USA’s hate for Muslims to their advantage for recruiting troops.

Time is of the essence. Time is that one true entity which cannot be measured, but only counted, and it is running out.

The delegate of the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland defended the USA by saying that the USA respects Islam and all faiths but not any religious extremists. He further added that the mission of the NATO is to remove radical movements. The delegate of the Republic of Sudan countered this by saying that “Denying basic healthcare is not an excuse for precautionary measures.”

The delegate of the USA defended himself by stating that the American government’s priority is its citizens and their welfare. He added that the government considers safeguarding Islam or any religion secondary.
Meanwhile, while the Republic of Belarus was included in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), the Republic of Iraq’s request was rejected. Furthermore, the Islamic Republic of Iran was strengthening its troops in areas in the Middle-east.

However, what drew the entire council’s attention was a Class B warhead which was in possession of the ISIS. Surprisingly, this classified information was leaked by a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent who went rogue, named Jason Bourne. This information came from Syria.

The entire council attempted to dissect the sensitive information. The delegate of Syria said that attempts should be made to search for the warhead. The delegate of the Republic of Sudan believed that the IS forced Mr. Bourne to leak this information as Mr. Bourne was under the IS’s control. The council received further information that ten Chinese troops were beheaded by the IS in Al-Rakha. The Chinese troops were trying to track IS leadership.

The severity of current world politics is undoubtedly huge. While the Heads of States try to figure out solutions, the world awaits in its already exacerbated condition. The reporter hopes that the solutions for the problems come soon, and he promises to cover the decisions that will change history and take us into a world we never dreamt about.


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